Want more OB experience?  Or a bit less…?  We offer the option to tailor your OB volume beginning your PGY-2 year.

To cover our busy OB service, we staff four OB residents every block.  The high/low option allows a PGY-3 to swap an elective for an extra four-week block of intensive inpatient OB while a corresponding PGY-2 swaps an OB block for an elective tailored to their future practice plans.

Normal and high track residents routinely obtain the numbers below.  Higher numbers, as well as C-section competence, are available depending on resident initiative.  The number of C-sections performed during residency has ranged recently from 60 to 170 sections. Many of our graduates practice full-spectrum obstetrics, including surgical obstetrics.

Months  345
Avg. vaginal deliveries  6080+100+