Would you like to improve your medical Spanish while in residency?

Our medical Spanish track offers you this option.  Geared for incoming residents with an intermediate or higher level of Spanish proficiency, the track is led by two bilingual family physicians and a Spanish professor from Baylor University.  Incoming residents qualify for the track if they score >50% on the ALTA CCLA-Spanish test.

Track goals (objective):

  • Proficiency as measured on the CCLA test increases by 10% annually.
  • All residents achieve a passing score of 80% or higher by the end of the track
  • Graduates achieving a passing score receive a Certificate of Qualifications

Track goals (subjective):

  • Pronounce Spanish well enough to be understood by native speakers
  • Improve listening and speaking flexibility to satisfy general medical and interpersonal communication
  • Develop control and usage of professional medical vocabulary used in family medicine
  • Show overall control of major grammatical structures including past, present, and future verb tenses
  • Increase understanding of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking population
  • Develop knowledge of basic colloquial terms used by patients in Texas
  • Foster cultural humility
"I originally chose Waco after seeing how dedicated everyone was to caring for the underserved. Then, because of the Spanish Track, I went from being uncomfortable speaking Spanish with patients to conversing easily with them by graduation!
Jehnsenjennifer Headshot
Jennifer Jehnsen, MD
Class of 2020